They’re Heeeeeeeeeeeeere - Warblers

Macomb County Michigan has some of the greatest birding spots but also some of the coolest birders in the world. Anytime I can hang with “my guys” I know I’m 1) going to learn, and 2) going to have a blast. 

For a “newish” but no longer Birdgin like me, hearing a bird that you can identify by sound before seeing it is VERY gratifying. Yellow and Yellow-rumped Warblers I’ve got. Woot woot! We did see a Northern Parula too. Other bird friends had a Black and White, Nashville, and a Palm Warbler too. 

Which brings me to this coming weekend... The Biggest Week in North America Birding. Aviantica is making our in-person debut. We will be selling t-shirts and coffee mugs at booth #33 in the Magee Marsh Convention Center. If you’re going to be there anytime between May 4 - 8, come on by and say “cacaw” to us. 

Our favorite Warblers are: Black-throated blue (Michele), Black and White (Nissa), and Prairie (Leslie). What’s yours? 

Bird on my friends, bird on. 

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