about us

our story 


What do you get when three bird nerds dream up clothing designs? Aviantica. Our goal is to share our passion for birding through awesome apparel.

A little bit about us...

Nissa:  professional design guru (blugraycreative.com), long-time nature girl and great spotter.  
What I like most about birding:  It's like playing where's waldo in the woods.
Favorite bird:  Black and White Warbler.

Michele:  professional IT geek and longtime birder, credited with getting the other two hooked on birding.  What I like most about birding:  snacks on the trail, and identifying birds by sound. 
Favorite bird:  Black-throated Blue Warbler.

Leslie:  social media rockstar and killer musician, she's always on the birding trail no matter what the weather. 
What I like most about birding:  listening to the "concert" in the woods. 
Favorite bird:  American Kestrel.


Bird on, people. Hope to see you out there. Cacaw.



our brand

Our logo is a simple mark that has 3 levels of meaning at play in the icon. Do you see them all? There's a mountain with sunrise, a bird head and a capital A.

We came up with the name on a road trip to do some serious birding. After having a great time laughing about some of the more ridiculous bird names, (I see you, titmouse. Looking at you, dickcissel.) we decided to make a list of t-shirt ideas for birding tomfoolery. What if we did a clothing line to get our designs out there? The name didn't take long... avian for birds, antica for always having fun in our pursuits. Snagged the domain and our little apparel line was hatched.

The logo design was finalized after only a few sketches. They happen that way sometimes... it's not the norm so when it does it seems meant to be. We look forward to what's ahead for Aviantica and appreciate your interest in our brand.